Nasal Congestion Remedies

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Nasal congestion is in most cases caused by flu or a cold or exposure to pollen or dust. Any foreign object in the nose can cause nasal congestion.

If you do not do anything about nasal congestion for long time, surgery is needed sometimes. There are simple remedies you can try at home whenever you get nasal congestion. So, do not ignore the annoyance. It will get worse.


To prevent this problem, daily care like washing your hands regularly can be essential as it prevents the spread of cold germ. Along with drinking plenty of fluids like water, juice or hot tea. Because it helps to thin the mucus and reduce congestion. Taking vitamin C supplements seems to reduce the duration of cold as well.

Below is a list of things that you can do at your home to get rid of a stuffy nose:

Chicken soup - It stimulates the movement of mucus and eliminates it so it is considered as very good remedy you can do.

1% salt water solution - Home made salt water solution takes care of reducing mucus and fast recovery.
Make half liter, 1% salt solution with luke warm water.

For 1 liter salt solution, add 10g of salt in a 1 liter bottle and fill the bottle to 1 liter.
For 0.5 liter salt solution, add 5g of salt in a 0.5 liter bottle and fill the bottle to 0.5 liter.
Suck the water with hands and spit out or as much as you can take through the nose and blow out the solution. Either way would work very well. One other way it to put the solution in a plastic back and tie it tightly then make a little hole to shoot into the nose and try to suck the solution and spit out.

Adhesive strips - You can also buy adhesive strips from local shop and put it on the nose which frees the nasal passages and help to breath easy.

Honey - Once you got a cold or flu and if you do not want to take cough syrups or other cough medicines, honey is the best remedy. Actually, it is found to be more effective then others. Honey has natural antibacterial substance and by drink honey water, it helps a lot.

Steaming – Take a tower over your head and hovering over a sink of hot water. Steam to the nasal passage helps to break up the mucus, which causes the congestion.
Nasal massage – Take the tip of the finger and place it on the end of the nose. Slide the finger up the bridge of the nose all the way to the hair. Repeat is 5 to 10 times. This will help to relieve the pressure and loosen up the mucus.

Spicy food – Peppers and spicy food tend to loose the mucus. Grated horseradish with honey on toast is also one way you can try out. Inhale deeply when you eat. Ginger is a wonderful ingredient as well. Make a ginger tea and drink from time to time. Though these will make your body warmer. If you have warm body already, it can be very uncomfortable or even dangerous in certain cases.

Baking soda solution – Spray baking soda solution in the nose. This is a powerful decongestant.

These methods are what you can do if you do not have any nasal aspirator at home. Though it is always good to have a nasal aspirator in your medical kit.

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